Main Labels

Yarn made  from recycled plastic bottles.

Swing Ticket Board

Made from FSC Certified paper and soya ink.

Swing Ticket String

Made from Organic cotton


Made from recycled plastic bottles


DA Action

Zero Waste Fabric

Off cuts used to make patch work quilts & hair scrunchies.

Washcare Label

Yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.

Gift Bags

FSC Certified paper

The Heart of Annabelle Hope.
Our Factory. Our People.


Quality is the key to product longevity and is carefully considered for each product hand-in-hand with design. Every piece in our collection meets a quality standard defined by craftsmanship, integrity, and sustainability.

Annabelle Hope Sustainability

Zero Waste

We have implemented a Zero Waste Policy. We use our off cuts ( left over fabric pieces after cutting) to make patch work quilts, which we donate to local charities and NGO’s. We sew these quilts in our ‘Charity Time’, this could be during our breaks or when we have a little down time. We are also using the larger off cuts to make hair scrunchies.